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Waterbedwarehouse is one of the largest waterbed manufacturers in the UK. We have an extensive range of waterbeds and waterbed accessories. All of our waterbeds come with with the latest technology, plus our entire range of waterbeds come with a five year guarantee plus free delivery nationwide.

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Waterbed Benefits

Health Benefits Of Buying A Waterbed
Aside from the comfort of sleeping on a waterbed, there are many other benefits. The warmth of the waterbed heater, the even support, and for some, the gentle motion of a semi-waveless mattress can have a calming effect, inducing sleep and countering the stress of everyday life. A waterbed offers total body support, easing body aches.

Waterbed Accessories
Waterbedwarehouse stock a large range of waterbed accessories and replacement parts for all types of waterbeds, including mattresses, heaters, cleaning, and a whole lot more.